“We used TJM for our office at the historic Electric Tower in the heart of downtown Buffalo and couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.  The design team (Sue-Jolie and Tim) earned every bit of our respect and gratitude with not only their wonderful design for our space, but also their diligence and high standards.  We had nothing to worry about and could trust them to do the job superbly.   They met every expectation and mediated between the contractors and the towers lease/maintenance agents to save us the headache of having to do so ourselves.  Worth every penny spent and I can’t praise them enough.  They truly have earned every award and I will be more than happy to use them again for any future projects!”

Julie Nicole
Buffalo, NY – 2016

“I have done work for Tres Jolie Maison Inc for years.  Tim and Sue work great as a team and know what works and look for the best for each project.  Every project I have done for them is unique and selected with the client in mind.  I have even done jobs for them when they are 2,000 miles away, and the jobs look better than those which have designers in the same town.  Very easy to communicate with and with great vision of what they want and how each little detail will fill the space perfectly.  I am very impressed by their eye for detail and their pure professionalism.  I will work for them any time and they will get priority because of how these two work!”

Enexis Homes, Inc.

“Sue-Jolie & Tim are wonderful to work with. We renovated our home in Florida including the kitchen and three bathrooms. They professionally ran the project by working with us to find the design that reflected our taste, oversaw the contractors, were respectful of our budget and amazingly completed the project on time. This was all done long distance. We only visited once during the entire process. I am looking forward to working with them on phase two of our project.”

Rachel Stenclik
Buffalo, NY – 2016

“Tres Jolie Maison managed by Sue-Jolie Rioux and Tim Boylan immerse themselves in projects and communities.  They are extraordinarily talented by themselves and magic when they’re together.  And they’re usually together as they adore each other; their clients are the beneficiaries.  And, from what I can tell, their clients adore them too. I’ve recently had the opportunity to review their portfolio.  Sue-Jolie has the unique talent to interpret different clients and parts of the world seemingly perfect.  I highly recommend Sue-Jolie, Tim, and Tres Jolie Maison; they are kind, energetic, intelligent, and very talented.”

The Home Trust International

“After completing several dozen high end custom jobs with Sue J. we are more than confident in her trade knowledge and project follow through. Sue does an great job of establishing an achievable expectation level with the customer. Sue and Tim hand hold the customer from start to finish to be sure the expectation level is met. They are a great team with proactive attributes, not to be overlooked. Out of dozens of designers we work with here in Naples, FL, Sue and Tim quickly became our favorites. They produce a great product without all of the stress and drama of many of the so called elite interior design firms.”
Set in Stone
Naples, Florida – 2015

“Tres Jolie Maison graciously designed the Living Room for the Junior League of Buffalo Decorators’ Showhouse 2015 with rave reviews! Not only were they granted an award for The Most Innovative Design by our esteemed judges, but they were enthusiastically received by the Buffalo Community. We found them to be professional, timely and an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!”
Chris Storm
Buffalo, New York – 2015

“Sue was wonderful to deal with and has great problem solving skills, technical know-how, but most importantly is a people person …. a real pleasure!”
Phil Hartman
Toronto, ON, Canada – 2015

“I had the recent pleasure of collaborating with Sue-Jolie and Tres Jolie Maison, putting together a design package for a major builder in the Naples, Florida area. I came away very impressed, as did our client. Ms. Rioux has great creative instincts, a broad and deep knowledge base and superior people skills. Responses were prompt, deadlines were met and within a very reasonable time frame, our client had a thoroughly amazing and professionally-produced design presentation, which only took about a half-hour to show, but packed the optimal punch.

It should also be mentioned that, although Sue has relocated, she still has an enthusiastic group of fans among fellow designers and suppliers in the Naples area, with whom I had the opportunity to work with during this project. Obviously, she has gone from strength to strength for quite some time. I look forward to more successful collaborations with TJM in the future. All the best, Sue-Jolie.”
Bryan Relyea
Naples, Florida – 2015

“When my son introduced me to his designer Sue-Jolie Rioux, I noticed there was not one project in her portfolio or particulars of the work she was doing for my family that I did not absolutely love. Having worked with designers in the past for my own home, my experience was that they never seemed to want to hear what I had to say, and merely pushed a current trend or their own agenda. I was really impressed and found it quite refreshing how Sue-Jolie made it all about my son, his family, and their tastes and desired results. I immediately picked up on how she listens to and observes her clients in order to pin point what will suit them and their lifestyle. She is more then a talented interior designer; she is a true artist. So I decided to hire her myself. My home was on the market and it was roughly 20 some years since its last revamp. I knew I needed to update it if I was going to sell it. Her ideas were beautiful, her choices for me were always exactly what I loved, and the end result was amazing. It was if she was inside my head. Now, I no longer have my home on the market, for I have fallen in love with this old French Chateau all over again. I would recommend her design services to anyone wanting to work with a truly talented and lovely individual. Thank you, Sue-Jolie, for all the hard work and true talent you offered my family and me. I know we are all feeling very blessed to have found you and your team.”
Cookie Swanson
Fiddlesticks, Fort Myers, Florida – August 2014

“With Sue-Jolie Rioux you get way more than you pay for. As a professional interior designer you expect her to be reliable, knowledgeable, creative and showing a high level of integrity. But her relentless dedication is what really sets her apart. I have watched her numerous times continuing far beyond the scope of the assignment to make sure the final result met her own exacting standards. That you get such talent and persistence wrapped in a package of a sunny and cheerful disposition is quite simply a steal.”
Marque Pierre Sondergaard
London, England – October 2012

“Best client instincts that I’ve ever seen. Sue-Jolie can design around the simplest thought a client might voice. She has an amazing eye for color and never fails to cross every “t” and dot every “i” along the way; insuring a flawlessly executed project every time. I’m speaking from experience; she took my ole brown stone and added a perfect blend of modernity without compromising the classic feel she knew I didn’t want to lose. I highly recommend her to anyone.”
River Michaels
Chicago, IL – May 2012

“Once again thank you so much for a beautiful home. I cannot believe it but we did it again; house number three. I so enjoy your process and working with you; I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the design of my home. Thank you for sticking by our side for over four years now. We love you guys.”
Cathy Novy
Naples, FL – May 2012

“Ms. Rioux,
Our appreciation goes beyond measure for the work done on the Crosswinds Senior Living Resort. Your input from the drawing stage of the project proved to create a well-rounded plan. The final design went far beyond our expectations and the residents have nothing but praise for the comfort level they are now living in; it was a perfect marriage of luxury and practicality.”

Newfoundland Labrador LTD
Robinson’s, NL, Canada – August 2011

From everyone here at R.O.C., we would just like to say thank you so much. Five models was quite a lot to take on from 6000 miles away. Your install went so smoothly and your control, well, it amazed us. How one woman could organize 20 men and keep everyone on task frankly blew all our minds. Mr. Hulan has been quite proud of how everything turned out and sales have been going great! No doubt a lot of the credit goes to you. Keep in touch and don’t forget how many people you can now call friends here.”

Audrey Thomasson, DOD
Hereklion, Crete – November 2010

“Sue-Jolie is a knowledgeable, reliable, creative and cost-effective interior designer. She quickly understood our objectives and developed a plan to complete a whole house interior design concept on our timetable and within our stated budget. She had great ideas for colors, architectural details. Her design ideas were instrumental in successfully completing our newly constructed home. We are in love with the results, would use her again, and recommend her to others.”
Lex and Peggy Tsaggarris
Naples, Florida – September 2010

I wanted to express my sincerest appreciation. I gave you a sow’s ear and you turned it into a silk purse. When I decided to remodel this old place I knew it was going to be a major feat, but when we discovered water pouring out of the walls during the demolition stage, I nearly broke down in tears, and god knows Joanne did. You stood behind us all the way, cried with us, and now look at what we have. Just amazing. Luxurious and inviting, and after all the work we put into this place, I’m confident it will stand for another 100 years. Please know you have a room here anytime you want to visit Crete.”

Mr. and Mrs. Hulan
Hereklion, Crete – April 2010

“I would like to express my appreciation for the generous and professional assistance that you extended to my husband and I in helping us with the design and decorating of our home. You not only helped us pick out colors, patterns, fabric, themes, accents and details but even more importantly, you helped us identify our own unique personal style to use as a reliable guide in our continued decorating endeavors. Too, you made the experience, which we thought was going to be frustrating and exhausting, actually “fun” and exciting. Our many thanks to a very talented lady.”
Jeanelle Major
Toronto, Canada – September 2009

“Right from the beginning, Sue-Jolie realized what we liked and could find furniture and decorative things that were our personality. She was very knowledgeable and we trusted her implicitly. She had a great relationship with anyone whom entered our home. She was prompt and always available and we were very comfortable working with her and she became a very special friend.”
Alice and Ronald Schmidt
Estero, Florida – February 2009

“I had the good fortune to work with Sue-Jolie last year after purchasing a new coach home at Players Cove in Lely Resort. All I can say about the work she did for us is: spectacular! I highly recommend Sue-Jolie for all your decorating needs. I’m sure you will be as satisfied as I have been.”
Donna McGuire
Naples, Florida – April 2008

“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in designing our home in Florida regarding the interior. You handled the complete project from window treatment, painting, papering, fabric selections and pictures and all of our furniture. You oversaw the complete project in a professional and expedient manner. I would recommend you to anyone one wanting a first class designer.”
Mr. & Mrs. Mumma III
Naples, Florida – June 2007 & December 2010

“Going into a new residence and trying to design and decorate it before it is even finished being built can be a very stressful and frustrating time. We were so blessed we came across Sue-Jolie Rioux. She turned our stressed time into a fun and enjoyable time. She helped us design the interior of our new home from start to finish and it turned out beautiful because of her input and creative process. Sue-Jolie is very knowledgeable in her field and gave numerous ideas that we would never have thought of to make our home unique to us. After spending just one hour with us, right away she picked up on what our personal style was and what we were looking for. We couldn’t have been more pleased with how perfect it all turned out or with her and her insight into our personalities and how we wanted that portrayed in our home. She is wonderful designer and we offer our full recommendation for her.”
Wendy and Phil Sawdon,
Naples, Florida – June 2006

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