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About Sue-Jolie Rioux and Tim Boylan

Sue-Jolie Rioux, President

Born French-First Nation in Newfoundland, Canada, Sue-Jolie grew up around creativity. Her father, a successful entrepreneur; her mother, a designer; she was always surrounded by the arts, culture and a creative environment in dance and fashion. She moved to Naples, Florida in 1989 at the age of 11 alongside her family.

After finishing her primary education at the age of 15 with honors, Sue-Jolie followed her father’s wishes to pursue her B.S. in Business, while following the muse of her mother and finding a creative outlet in design. While trying her hand at interior design at 19, she created designs for some of the most beautiful homes of Naples and Miami, Florida. It was then she decided to return to school and pursue a degree in interior design at the Art Institute.

Now into her second decade professionally in design, which carries her all over the world, she is proud to offer her services to you. Running her own small design studios in Naples, Buffalo, and Miami, she works not only with local residential customers, but also builders and developers for both domestic & international commercial projects.

Her passion for design bleeds into everything she does and she welcomes the opportunity to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your family and help you create the space of your dreams.

Timothy Boylan, Vice President

Growing up just outside of Chicago, Tim spent countless days throughout his youth roaming the city’s streets, studying the magnificent architecture and design elements that dot the city, instilling within his earliest memories a desire to design memorable, lasting creations. This desire to be part of the creative process led to the recherche’ combination of pursuing mechanical engineering, English, and literature at Northern Illinois University. His travel abroad led to studies of architectural styling in France, where he came to love the Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance periods. Later in his career he pursued studies with the National Historic Trust to be certified to perform Historical Preservation and Restoration.

Now after twenty-two years in the Design field, Tim has created a diverse blend of industrial, commercial and residential interiors, furnishings and equipment across the country; ranging from a patented technology center for a large office furniture manufacturer, to a county’s emergency operations command center, to updated reproductions of antique Chinese furniture, and the restoration of some of the most beautiful historic homes in the North East, just to name a few.

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